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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#2047 Multi-Edit trackers tracker,edit assigned Cas feature-request major
#2059 [lt.sess_set.tracker_backoff] Add support for libtorrent tracker_backoff option tracker, update, aggressive, timeout, time-out assigned feature-request major
#1342 Disable Global / Per-torrent tracker support magnet trackerless new feature-request minor
#1395 [lt.sess_set.announce_to_all_tiers] Same rank trackers should all be announced multi-tracker announce new feature-request minor
#1482 Tracker specific rules tracker rules reopened feature-request minor
#2105 Proxy for http[s] connections (httpdownloader) tracker icons, proxy, httpdownloader new feature-request minor
#2539 Tracker blocklist trackers new feature-request minor
#3123 Extractor plug-in will not select Extractor, plug-ins new bug minor
#3128 Bad charset encoding in "tracker state" field charset tracker_state new bug minor
#3162 Add passwords support for extractor plug-in extractor passwords new plugin-request minor
#3167 does not clean up /tmp entries from failed hosts icons tracker_icons new bug minor
#3229 functionality request: Edit Trackers Edit Trackers new feature-request minor
#3352 Tracker will not be updated (v2.0.3) tracker announce new bug minor
#3380 Extractor-0.7: delete previously extracted files on torrent removal extractor new patch minor
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