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#3304 Autoadd downloads to the wrong folder AutoAdd new bug major
#2891 Torrent already added not working already added new bug minor
#3118 AutoAdd Invalid options key:owner AutoAdd new bug minor
#3366 WebApi.add_torrents(): deferred RPC failure results are not propagated add_torrents duplicate new bug minor
#3367 WebApi.add_torrents(): implement in-stream BitTorrent file uploading support add_torrents uploading new patch minor
#3445 Add multiple torrent files at the same time break the "Force Re-Check" option add new bug minor
#3515 [AutoAdd] - Disables watch on a folder when a torrent file fails decoding. AutoAdd new bug minor
#578 Setting download directory for multiple torrents should be easier. download location, add torrents reopened andar feature-request trivial
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