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#3366 WebApi.add_torrents(): deferred RPC failure results are not propagated add_torrents duplicate new bug minor
#3367 WebApi.add_torrents(): implement in-stream BitTorrent file uploading support add_torrents uploading new patch minor
#3379 Notifications-0.3/...:CoreNotifications._on_torrent_finished_event(): KeyError exception due to incorrect call to torrent.get_status() notifications new bug minor
#3382 Notifications-0.3: improve smtplib.SMTP.sendmail() error logging notifications new patch minor
#3399 Customise download/upload speed steps download, gui, steps new feature-request minor
#3400 encoding problem encoding,russian language new bug minor
#3430 Limit storage usage plugin Limit, storage, plugin new plugin-request minor
#3446 Seed only when HDD is active spindown, hdd, seed, active new plugin-request minor
#3461 Filenames with unicode not working unicode, filename, file name new bug minor
#3471 Data Disapears, some reappears data missing vanished reappear new bug minor
#3494 improved usability for thin client with intermittent connection to daemon thin-client, gui new feature-request minor
#3504 delguge-gtk crash at popup elements in Wayland session gtk, popup, wayland new bug minor
#3522 Segmentation Fault on Deamon start (Armv71) SIGSEGV segmentation fault armv71 new bug minor
#3542 mako should be an optional dependency dependencies, webui, mako new feature-request minor
#3549 deluge-console add not adding torrent filenames with embedded spaces console add torrent new bug minor
#3560 Windows Installer lacks DisplayVersion Registry entry windows installer new bug minor
#3572 torrents added when disconnected are lost disconnect, thin client, added, forgotten new bug minor
#3592 Pressing the down button on "Move Complete Folder" crashes GTK crash file location new bug minor
#3599 Inconsistent Folder/Title Issue in Deluge to Sonarr sonarr new bug minor
#3607 padding files padding_file, padding, download, new bug minor
#578 Setting download directory for multiple torrents should be easier. download location, add torrents reopened andar feature-request trivial
#626 Maintain ratio for torrent above set level seeding ratio new andar feature-request trivial
#1108 Abstract unlimited speed setting unlimited speed confusing new feature-request trivial
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows windows, mingw new feature-request trivial
#3243 Tray icon issue without libappindicator statusicon, tray icon new bug trivial
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