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#3165 "Device or resource busy" on Linux kernel newer than 4.9.0-3 kernel, device or resource busy new bug critical
#3449 Deluge fully broken in Ubuntu Server 20.04 (LTS) core, console, python3, crash, ubuntu new bug critical
#3451 Deluge error on macOS: File open error - operation not supported macos, error, file, download new bug critical
#3511 deluged server doesnt start ubuntu 18.04.06 libtorrent daemon server dependencies new bug critical
#3517 Public IP seen and error public ip, vpn ip, error torrent id, new bug critical
#1454 memory leak caused by deluge gtk/ui memory leak ui gtk assigned bug major
#2443 force recheck corupts data recheck, re-check, force re check reopened bug major
#2833 multiple torrents with overlapping folder structures lose incomplete files when 1st torrent completes overlaps incomplete moved folders temporary files completed new bug major
#2963 Opening ports but refusing to use. port, network new bug major
#3176 Marking file as "Do Not Download" does not prevent download Priority new bug major
#3307 Deluge-gtk crashes upon connection/general protection fault deluge-gtk coredump segfault new bug major
#1165 "Add webseed" option webseed url torrent new johnnyg feature-request minor
#2152 use HTTP basic token if availlable password new damoxc feature-request minor
#2162 Name of "renamed torrent files" in the main UI torrent name, UI, renamed torrent new feature-request minor
#2503 "Remove Torrent" doesn't remove "not downloaded" files remove, torrent new feature-request minor
#2515 Date format in columns date format new feature-request minor
#2517 Disk space sorter (for lack of a better name) plugin disk space sort automatic new plugin-request minor
#2830 No Error Message When Download Directory Lacks Write Permissoin error new bug minor
#2862 Merge private trackers if same domain name duplicate torrents new feature-request minor
#3086 When I try "move storage" after click on magnet link, it not work move storage new bug minor
#3123 Extractor plug-in will not select Extractor, plug-ins new bug minor
#3133 Running deluge-gtk over ssh with X forwarding doesn't allow ssh logout after deluge-gtk is closed ssh X forwarding hang new bug minor
#3147 Cache allowed to exceed 32-bit memory limit 32-bit, memory limit, cache, crash new bug minor
#3162 Add passwords support for extractor plug-in extractor passwords new plugin-request minor
#3288 Sorting Issues Sorting new bug minor
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