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#1316 Implement file/folder renaming in Web UI rename file folder webui assigned damoxc feature-request major
#1454 memory leak caused by deluge gtk/ui memory leak ui gtk assigned bug major
#3110 Tabs in OS X breaks Deluge layout UI, layout, tabs new bug major
#3200 deluge-gtk freezes when using the Open File/Folder gui freeze open new bug major
#1305 Use CDN for css & js includes cdn javascript css ajax webui new damoxc feature-request minor
#1483 Cross-platform mobile/tablet solution Mobile WebUI new damoxc feature-request minor
#2018 Ability to save private tracker cookies for future use webui private cookie new damoxc feature-request minor
#2162 Name of "renamed torrent files" in the main UI torrent name, UI, renamed torrent new feature-request minor
#2386 [GTK][win32] Empty value fields on Japanese locale Gui , language new bug minor
#2502 [Extract] Uncompress feature, similar to rtorrent unpack unpack uncompress rar zip web-ui new feature-request minor
#2903 Torrent List Does not properly update UI Update new bug minor
#3016 Attempting to open a deleted torrent file from Firefox causes GUI lockup by dialog box spamming. gui,ui,ux,windowing new bug minor
#3196 UI Offscreen UI, window, disappear, offscreen new bug minor
#3363 web-ui logs do not show real ip when proxied web-ui nginx new bug minor
#3369 Statusbar Height forgotten on Restart statusbar, interface, ui new bug minor
#3399 Customise download/upload speed steps download, gui, steps new feature-request minor
#3453 Web UI is freezing on Safari when selecting a torrent web ui safari docker new bug minor
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