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#2862 Merge private trackers if same domain name new feature-request minor needs verified
#3255 Migrate core to libtorrent-1.2 new patch major 2.x
#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping new feature-request minor 2.x
#3151 “Missing or invalid torrent data!" new bug minor needs verified
#685 Modified icon tooltip on events (notification) new andar feature-request trivial Future
#3580 'Move completed' still executed when turned off new bug minor needs verified
#887 'Move Directory' option when removing a torrent new andar plugin-request minor Future
#3300 Move Download Folder triggers recheck even if the new folder is the same as the old one new bug minor needs verified
#3145 Move Storage context menu does not apply to all selected torrents new bug minor needs verified
#3277 Moving a finished download deletes higher-level folder new bug minor needs verified
#3094 Moving files to a folder removes files if they have been moved to the same folder earlier new bug major 2.x
#3028 Moving torrent corrupts torrent pieces new bug minor needs verified
#3049 msys/mingw deluge install on Windows new feature-request trivial Future
#2511 Multi column sorting new feature-request major Future
#2047 Multi-Edit trackers assigned Cas feature-request major 2.x
#2833 multiple torrents with overlapping folder structures lose incomplete files when 1st torrent completes new bug major needs verified
#3575 Multi-selected torrent changes all fields, even unedited ones new bug minor needs verified
#1271 Multi-user extension assigned damoxc feature-request major 2.x
#2162 Name of "renamed torrent files" in the main UI new feature-request minor Future
#3371 [Naotification plugin] Broken notifications new bug minor needs verified
#3256 need help setting up new bug minor needs verified
#3344 network interface bind, wildcard new bug minor needs verified
#2167 Newer version eggs of supplied plugins not overriding old version on Ubuntu new bug minor 2.x
#3463 New geoip discussion new feature-request minor 2.x
#2980 New torrents not getting location settings properly applied reopened bug minor Future
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