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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#2079 [Label] Filter by Seed Time new plugin-request Future Unknown
#2486 [Label] Network Options for Labels new feature-request Future Plugin
#3545 Label plugin doesn't remove deleted torrent mappings new bug needs verified Plugin
#3193 Lack of 0-byte file on read-only seed prevents seeding new bug needs verified Core
#2935 language new bug 2.x GTK UI
#3376 Last torrent in torrent list hidden by left-right scrollbar new bug needs verified Unknown
#3384 Libtorrent 1.2.x support issue. new bug needs verified GTK UI
#3583 Libtorrent I2P Support new bug needs verified libtorrent
#3430 Limit storage usage plugin new plugin-request needs verified Plugin
#3011 Listen to WM_ENDSESSION on Windows new feature-request Future GTK UI
#3305 little space for folder selection new bug needs verified GTK UI
#3556 local-dependent date format in the web interface new bug needs verified Web UI
#3331 Localization on mac new bug 2.x Translations
#2339 logging is incomplete and inconsistent in the web UI back-end new bug 2.x Web UI
#1384 [lt.sess_set.announce_ip] Add option to specify tracker announce_ip assigned Cas patch 2.x Core
#1677 [lt.sess_set.apply_ip_filter_to_trackers] Add option to apply ip filter only to seeds/peers new feature-request 2.x Core
#2115 [lt.sess_set.enable_*ing_tcp] uTP bandwidth management new feature-request 2.1.1 Core
#3158 Mac .app forgets all hosts when password contains brace new bug needs verified Unknown
#3238 MacOS: Deluge hangs when clicking on link within about window new bug needs verified Console UI
#3253 macOS GdkQuartzWindow set timestamp new bug 2.x GTK UI
#3563 MacOS - Non-standard behaviour with Mission Control new bug needs verified Unknown
#2896 [MacOS] Problems with close action to system tray menu and dock new bug Future GTK UI
#3406 make combobox_window resizable new feature-request needs verified GTK UI
#2119 Make webui able to immediately process specific magnet links through HTTP GET new damoxc feature-request Future Web UI
#3542 mako should be an optional dependency new feature-request needs verified Packaging
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