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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#2342 Add the ability to drag and drop torrent files into webui new damoxc feature-request Future minor
#2343 preferences: network: incoming port reopened bug 1.3.7 minor
#2344 Download file(s) from GUI of torrent new feature-request Future minor
#2350 When re-adding the same torrent, deluge restarts it from zero if you use separate DOWNLOADING and COMPLETED folders new bug Future minor
#2377 Seed ratio not respected new bug needs verified minor
#2386 [GTK][win32] Empty value fields on Japanese locale new bug not applicable minor
#2393 tray icon double click to open window new feature-request Future minor
#2395 download/upload limit indication in down/up speed columns new feature-request Future minor
#2396 status bar active torrents info new feature-request Future minor
#2403 size column only shows download size new feature-request Future minor
#2408 [Notification] Popup Notification for Windows assigned Cas feature-request 2.x minor
#2410 Auto sub-folder creation new feature-request Future minor
#2411 Open Folder action to remote client new feature-request 2.x minor
#2420 OSX users unable to open magnet links new bug not applicable minor
#2433 specification of torrent file directory causes its clearance new feature-request Future minor
#2438 all torrents for a single tracker give "Error: short read" new bug not applicable minor
#2454 Plugin frame work only allows script resources, no CSS or images new feature-request 2.1.1 minor
#2457 Peer connections dropped when seeding new bug not applicable minor
#2471 [GTKUI] Add Support for setting rate limit utp new patch 2.x minor
#2480 Add button to download location in options... assigned feature-request 2.x minor
#2484 [Blocklist] Whitelist error when saving and blocklist not initialized new bug 2.x minor
#2486 [Label] Network Options for Labels new feature-request Future minor
#2501 Deluge opens on the wrong screen in a multiscreen setup under OSX. new bug needs verified minor
#2502 [Extract] Uncompress feature, similar to rtorrent unpack new feature-request 2.x minor
#2503 "Remove Torrent" doesn't remove "not downloaded" files new feature-request Future minor
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