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#2894 HTTP 400 ys-torrentGrid cookie is too large new major needs verified Web UI
#2933 deluge-console create a torrent from the command line new major 2.x Console UI
#3100 64 bit version new major needs verified Unknown
#3155 [Security] [Feature request] Use HTTPS for Deluge binaries, source, and web registration page new major not applicable Packaging
#3187 [WebUI] Upgrade ExtJS library new major 3.0 Web UI
#3207 Core: migrate from Twisted to Asyncio new andar major 2.x Core
#3259 Create macOS app package (Py3-GTK3) new major 2.1.1 Packaging
#3408 Seed and peer statistics for trackers with no scrape new major 2.0.6 Core
#3447 Use another translation platform new major 2.x Translations
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 new major 2.x libtorrent
#3558 Dialogs usability new major needs verified GTK UI
#53 A delete file entry in the right click menu in Files tab assigned Cas minor 2.x GTK UI
#230 Drag 'n' drop reorder of torrents for download queue new andar minor 2.x GTK UI
#487 status-bar api new mvoncken minor Future Core
#493 Subdirectory detection new andar minor Future Unknown
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio new andar minor Future Core
#651 Browse to download path in web UI new andar minor Future GTK UI
#722 User access level for control of remote daemon in gtk ui new andar minor Future GTK UI
#829 Stop Seeding At Active Time new andar minor Future Unknown
#852 Ability to rename labels new andar minor Future Plugin
#860 Sound notification with mp3/ogg files new andar minor needs verified GTK UI
#956 Client account creation with permissions new andar minor Future Core
#967 Remove/stop torrent after x time seeding reopened andar minor Plugin
#1015 Add a Tracker info tab new andar minor 2.1.1 GTK UI
#1123 Ability to change torrent name shown in the UI assigned johnnyg minor 2.x GTK UI
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