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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1165 "Add webseed" option new John Garland minor Future Core
#53 A delete file entry in the right click menu in Files tab assigned Calum minor 2.x GTK UI
#378 Advanced (pieces) progress bar assigned major 2.x Web UI
#3633 allow bypass local addresses for webui authentication new minor Future Web UI
#3553 Allow mapping local (deluge-gtk) and remote (deluged) paths new minor needs verified GTK UI
#859 Allow to give priority to files approaching completion new andar trivial Future GTK UI
#1275 Allow users to have blank/no password reopened Damien Churchill major 2.x Web UI
#3239 Allow wildcards in console new minor needs verified Unknown
#1285 An option to trash/delete the .torrent files reopened minor Future GTK UI
#3230 Automatic file recheck option on startup new critical 2.x Core
#3562 autostart&autostop active torrent only system inactive new minor needs verified Unknown
#2410 Auto sub-folder creation new minor Future Core
#1460 Batch add torrents new Damien Churchill minor Future Web UI
#3569 Blocked on Windows 11 by Smart App Control new minor needs verified Core
#1906 [Blocklist] Add Multiple List Input Functionality new John Garland minor Future Plugin
#651 Browse to download path in web UI new andar minor Future GTK UI
#1540 Check duplicate torrents new minor Future GTK UI
#2703 Check existing files before renaming a file to prevent clobber new major 2.x Core
#956 Client account creation with permissions new andar minor Future Core
#1329 Color of icon when announce request on tracker failed new minor 2.x GTK UI
#1042 Combined Status information for multiple selected torrents new andar trivial Future GTK UI
#2810 combined view for downloading and active torrents new trivial 2.x GTK UI
#369 Configuration Wizard accepted Damien Churchill major Future GTK UI
#2743 Convert pygtk to pygi/GTK3 new major 3.0 GTK UI
#3207 Core: migrate from Twisted to Asyncio new andar major 2.x Core
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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