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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#2810 combined view for downloading and active torrents new trivial 2.x GTK UI
#2877 import site cookie new minor 2.x GTK UI
#2921 Prefs Manager refactor do_config_set_func new minor 2.x Core
#2923 create translation files for develop new minor 2.x Translations
#2933 deluge-console create a torrent from the command line new major 2.x Console UI
#3004 systemd services logging to journald new trivial 2.x Packaging
#3013 Firefox doesn't offer to store deluge-web password new minor 2.x Web UI
#3031 Resetting or hiding file priority of finished downloads new minor 2.x GTK UI
#3033 Priority should appear on directories if descendants have the same one new minor 2.x GTK UI
#3052 Further improvements for icons new trivial 2.x GTK UI
#3187 [WebUI] Upgrade ExtJS library new major 2.x Web UI
#3207 Core: migrate from Twisted to Asyncio new andar major 2.x Core
#3217 deluge-console does not easily support alternative connections for interactive sessions new minor 2.x Console UI
#3230 Automatic file recheck option on startup new critical 2.x Core
#3254 Migrate Windows version stamping new minor 2.x Packaging
#3308 New webapi with interactive docs (swagger-ui) new minor 2.x Web UI
#3447 Use another translation platform new major 2.x Translations
#3455 Add support for libtorrent-2 new major 2.x libtorrent
#3463 New geoip discussion new minor 2.x Web UI
#2743 Convert pygtk to pygi/GTK3 new major 3.0 GTK UI
#369 Configuration Wizard accepted damoxc major Future GTK UI
#487 status-bar api new mvoncken minor Future Core
#493 Subdirectory detection new andar minor Future Unknown
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio new andar minor Future Core
#578 Setting download directory for multiple torrents should be easier. reopened andar trivial Future GTK UI
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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