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#3098 [Feature Request][Queue] Batch re-number selected torrents from current ordering new feature-request minor
#629 "Find My Downloaded Data" plugin new andar plugin-request minor
#3403 Forum registration fails - email never arrives new bug blocker
#1051 Installation of an incompatible plugin generates no error new andar bug minor
#997 ip ban like azureus new andar feature-request major
#1130 IPv6 Interfaces support (daemon,webui,gtk) new feature-request minor
#1286 IPv6 Preference Needed new feature-request minor
#1541 [Label] Default label option new feature-request minor
#1557 [Label] Drop-down for labels in Add-Torrent options dialog new feature-request minor
#1534 [Label] Option for 'move completed' folder to be named using the date new feature-request trivial
#1384 [lt.sess_set.announce_ip] Add option to specify tracker announce_ip assigned Cas patch minor
#626 Maintain ratio for torrent above set level new andar feature-request trivial
#685 Modified icon tooltip on events (notification) new andar feature-request trivial
#887 'Move Directory' option when removing a torrent new andar plugin-request minor
#2668 Open files via deluge's file window. new feature-request minor
#1879 Option to add suffix to incomplete files new feature-request minor
#527 Option to limit transfer rate to keep a 1:1 share ratio new andar feature-request minor
#1212 Pause all torrents & auto resume after timeout new feature-request major
#397 per file, per torrent, and per multiple torrent speedlimits new andar plugin-request minor
#940 Popout window with torrent details & stats new andar feature-request trivial
#1080 Preferences dialog clean-up new andar feature-request major
#3517 Public IP seen and error new bug critical
#1277 Queueing Options in the Add Torrent dialog new feature-request trivial
#623 Remember sorting column used for each label new andar feature-request trivial
#967 Remove/stop torrent after x time seeding reopened andar feature-request minor
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