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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3080 reappearing torrent after removal new bug critical 2.0
#3183 Closing Daemon causes core.conf to revert to default settings assigned Cas bug critical 2.0
#1820 Add checks so that deluge-web and webui plugin don't clash assigned bug major 2.x
#2710 WebUI console flood: AuthError: Not authenticated new bug major 2.x
#2743 Convert pygtk to pygi/GTK3 new feature-request major 3.0
#2929 Extractor updating config even with no change new bug major 2.x
#2930 Potential issue with using inspect in log.get_plugin_logger new bug major 2.x
#3006 Missing torrent status disconnecting then reconnecting new bug major 2.0
#3072 Exception: Bad host id starting WebUI new bug major 2.0
#3163 Read Cache size new bug major needs verified
#3187 [WebUI] Upgrade ExtJS library new feature-request major 2.x
#1206 Add a session upload-only mode new feature-request minor 2.x
#2291 Stop seed at ratio not respected with GUI closed new bug minor 2.0
#2471 [GTKUI] Add Support for setting rate limit utp new patch minor 2.x
#2480 Add button to download location in options... assigned feature-request minor 2.x
#2484 [Blocklist] Whitelist error when saving and blocklist not initialized new bug minor 2.x
#2706 [Execute] Potential issue when removing torrent with data new bug minor 2.0
#2751 pass LABEL on execute plugin assigned Cas feature-request minor Future
#2787 [GTKUI][Connection Manager] Start Daemon Config Option new feature-request minor Future
#2812 Update Stats plugin code new patch minor 2.0
#2837 WebUI gettext created in at build time accepted DjLegolas feature-request minor 2.x
#2840 renaming files doesn't check for name collisions within the torrent new bug minor needs verified
#2842 Deluge outputting KeyError: '' new bug minor 2.0
#2909 Startup not selecting first torrentview row in Standalone mode new bug minor 2.0
#2911 Use less versbose units in UIs new feature-request minor 2.0
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