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#1700 Seperate plugins into their own repositories new feature-request minor Future
#3160 share torents new bug major needs verified
#1556 Show torrent labels with console assigned nick feature-request minor Future
#2403 size column only shows download size new feature-request minor Future
#2396 status bar active torrents info new feature-request minor Future
#3004 systemd services logging to journald new feature-request trivial 2.x
#3096 TCP connections are left in FIN_WAIT_2 state new bug minor needs verified
#2778 Thin client disconnects from daemon new bug minor needs verified
#2539 Tracker blocklist new feature-request minor Future
#3046 Trackerless/DHT torrents' peers only updated after restart of deluged or adding new torrent new bug minor needs verified
#2393 tray icon double click to open window new feature-request minor Future
#3220 Unable to download torrent from Archlinux primary URL new bug minor needs verified
#3241 Using the move file to completed folder on map drive creates new folder structure in target new bug major needs verified
#2667 [win32] Add portable option to NSIS installer reopened feature-request minor Future
1 2 3 4
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