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#3009 Can't Start deluge-console 2.0.0.dev7009 bug critical develop 7 years
#3248 No input accepted in CLI mode with py3 install. bug critical develop 5 years
#762 Better Console UI nick feature-request major 15 years
#3076 Can't Remove Torrent Using Console "global name '_n' is not defined" bug major develop 7 years
#3129 Namespace has no attribute (deluge-console) bug major other (please specify) 7 years
#3199 unicode crash in deluge-console Cas bug major develop 6 years
#1119 logging doesn't work with deluge-console because of ncurses nick feature-request minor 1.2.0_dev 14 years
#1258 deluge-console add doesnt support url nogare feature-request minor master 14 years
#1533 Add a move command to console nick feature-request minor 13 years
#1549 Allow for arbitrary protocols in "add" nick patch minor other (please specify) 13 years
#1590 Allow tracker updating from console nick feature-request minor other (please specify) 13 years
#1688 No priority view for folders in detail view nick feature-request minor 1.3.0_dev 13 years
#1833 tab completion should escape spaces feature-request minor master 13 years
#1858 [console] Add command 'manage' to show/set per-torrent options Cas patch minor 1.3-stable 13 years
#1953 fix console client flicker on every update Cas patch minor 1.3.3 13 years
#2011 deluge-console: counterintuitive behavior of rm bug minor 1.3.3 12 years
#2097 Corrected spelling error and added --intense_match to console(legacy and non-interactive) patch minor master 12 years
#2099 console does not support monochrome terminals Cas bug minor 1.3.5 12 years
#2470 deluge-console's parsing of commands is surprising feature-request minor 1.3.6 10 years
#2796 Add "date_added" to console info sort keys feature-request minor 1.3-stable 8 years
#2838 missing ! in ui/console/ line 59 bro bug minor develop 8 years
#2847 Add a 'move to' option to add command feature-request minor 1.3.12 8 years
#3185 Console-ui deferred error. bug minor develop 6 years
#3250 Errors in console-UI. bug minor develop 5 years
#2797 Pylint Console UI code bug trivial develop 8 years
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