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#1558 deluge-console info bug major other (please specify) 13 years
#1686 sometimes loading over diffrent mode nick bug major 1.3.0_dev 13 years
#1698 Console - KeyError 'state' nick bug major 1.3.0_dev 13 years
#1828 deluge-console cli interface fail with authentification error Cas bug major master 13 years
#2066 [console] Error exiting new UI from event view bug major master 12 years
#2409 [win32] Console Non-interactive ImportError Cas bug major develop 10 years
#1821 deluge-console bug minor master 13 years
#2088 [console] info --sort not in git master(1.4) bug minor develop 12 years
#2174 Unable to add torrent via URL bug minor master 12 years
#1687 Help doesn't work in detail view nick bug trivial 1.3.0_dev 13 years
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