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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#2266 Auto adding of torrents not working bug major 1.3.5 10 years
#428 Ability to rename files within a torrent (including directories) andar feature-request minor 1.1.0_dev 15 years
#1227 Check File NoAscii Characters Title bug minor 1.2.3 13 years
#1301 Order of torrents is reversed upon start-up bug minor 1.3.5 13 years
#1343 shouldn't import xdg on windows defect minor 1.3.0_dev 13 years
#3044 Restarting deluged via systemd causes errornous torrents bug minor other (please specify) 6 years
#3066 update DHT bootstrap nodes feature-request minor 1.3.15 6 years

Resolution: Invalid (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#2359 Passkey exposure bug critical other (please specify) 10 years
#1253 Tracker status "Error: Host not found (authoritative)" bug major 1.3.0_dev 13 years
#1544 Impossible to start webUI plugin with deluged bug major 1.3.1 12 years
#2173 Core freezes under heavy load bug major master 11 years
#2222 Limiting upload stops download. bug major other (please specify) 11 years
#3194 won't download new torrents using autoadd bug major 1.3.15 5 years
#1244 Use a path in the filename when adding from a URL feature-request minor 1.2.3 13 years
#1296 Spurious HTTP requests to localhost from Deluge defect minor 1.2.3 13 years
#1452 torrent check sould also validate storage path feature-request minor 13 years
#1743 Configs should support __delitem__ feature-request minor 1.3.1 12 years
#1852 torrent assigned to wrong user bug minor master 12 years
#1981 Unicode error in "Copy of .torrent files to" Cas bug minor 1.3.3 12 years
#3227 Download links (.torrent) do not fit in the right folders created. bug minor 1.3.15 4 years
#1344 Don't delete .torrent files when auto-adding feature-request trivial 1.2.2 13 years

Resolution: WontFix (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Created
#1394 deluge.ui.client should implement twisted.application.service.IService feature-request major other (please specify) 13 years
#2127 select() reactor has problems with >1024 File Descriptors bug major 1.3.5 11 years
#2281 [PATCH] Add total_wanted_done into status and display in UI patch major master 10 years
#3232 Migrate to libtorrent-1.2 DjLegolas bug major other (please specify) 4 years
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