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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2805 Standalone mode not detecting local running daemon bug blocker GTK UI develop (git)
#2827 Deluge Wont Start Windows bug blocker GTK UI develop (git)
#2849 WebUI fails to run without translation MO file bro bug blocker Web UI develop (git)
#2922 libtorrent 1.1 errors Cas bug blocker Core develop (git)
#2931 cant add torrents bug blocker GTK UI develop (git)
#2960 moving file freeze Cas bug blocker Core develop (git)
#2978 gtk bloking bug blocker GTK UI develop (git)
#3063 [Plugins] Wont Start or Disable on Windows Cas bug blocker Plugin develop (git)
#2850 Double log entries in Standalone Mode bug critical Unknown develop (git)
#2928 Problems adding magnets bug critical GTK UI develop (git)
#3009 Can't Start deluge-console 2.0.0.dev7009 bug critical Console UI develop (git)
#3055 not connecting to daemon Cas bug critical GTK UI develop (git)
#3121 V2 beta Peer ID blocked bug critical Core develop (git)
#3122 [Notifications]No text in Preferences' tab list DjLegolas bug critical Plugin develop (git)
#459 Option to prioritize "seeding" queue over download queue Cas feature-request major Core
#762 Better Console UI nick feature-request major Console UI
#1260 Handle redirection better with httpdownloader johnnyg feature-request major Core develop (git)
#1290 [Execute] plug-in should support more events feature-request major Plugin other (please specify)
#1294 Skip Hash Check - Seed Mode feature-request major Core master (git)
#1466 Performance warning: Send Buffer Watermark Cas patch major Core 1.3.1
#1949 Users should be able to set rotate-log settings. feature-request major Unknown master (git)
#2008 Translations text in webui Cas bug major Web UI
#2133 Remove port randomization to avoid polluting DHT Cas bug major Core 1.3-stable (git)
#2405 Bump minimum libtorrent version to at least 0.16.12 Cas bug major Core other (please specify)
#2670 [GTKUI] Adding torrent with many files is very slow Cas bug major GTK UI develop (git)
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