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#394 Fixed Folder Priority andar

Setting a folder's priority does not modify it's contents priorities.

#2201 Fixed Remote auth fails if server's auth file has extra newlines 0x000000

Seems to be the same or related to ticket:1035, but I'm still having the same problem.

My server's auth file:


Note the extra blank line at the bottom. Upon starting deluged (Arch Linux 3.6.3-1, Python 2.7.3):

[ERROR   ] 13:09:14 authmanager:140 Your auth file is malformed: Incorrect number of fields!

All is well if I remove the extra line. I'd be glad to submit a patch, but it might take me a while to actually get to it.

(Please forgive me if something's wrong with this bug report, it's my first one)

#1022 WorksForMe When one client has connection problems, two clients are disconnected from daemon. andar 3l3nril

I have two GTK clients connected to daemon with one username. when one of those clients time-outs and is disconnected the other one is disconnected too. daemon runs on Ubuntu 9.04 server (i686), one client is on Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop (AMD_64) and the other one is on Gentoo (AMD64). deluged.log is empty

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