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#2944 Duplicate Cannot edit some config on Windows agemono

When I first open Deluge settings, I can edit settings such as download location and bandwidth.

However, problems will arise when opening those settings after the second time.

Specifically, the set values such as the download location and bandwidth are not displayed and I can not change it.

Probably similar problem has occurred in all setting items where I can enter a character string.

This problem occurred in Windows, but it did not occur on Linux (I used Kali Linux).

OS:Windows10 64bit 14393.447 japanese

Deluge language:japanese and english

Installation method:installer

#947 Adding a torrent file that already exists in the Torrent file storage folder creates a copy andar

If you add a torrent file that is already inside the folder used for storing copies of .torrent files, it makes a new copy of the torrent based off of the Torrent's name (instead of filename) since the filename is already taken.

I think if the filename is taken, Deluge should check to see if the torrent being added is the same filename (or see if the files have the same contents), and if true, don't make a new file in the .torrents folder.

Normally you wouldn't need to add torrents from the .torrent folder, but if you remove a torrent from Deluge and re-add it, you can run into this.

#1714 Fixed GTK "Add Torrents" dialog on Windows uses incorrect directory separator for *nix hosts Cas aguenter

When connected to a 1.3.1 deluge daemon running on a remote Linux machine and adding a torrent from the 1.3.1 GTK client running in Windows, renaming a directory within the torrent's structure using the "Add Torrents" dialog will cause the incorrect directory separator to be used (backslash instead of slash). This corrupts the entire torrent data structure.

Original post here.

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