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#3477 Upstream Proxy DNS spam OverSurge

Deluge generates about 110,000 DNS requests per day to the SOCKS 5 proxy I set in the settings (a NordVPN one). It occurs in versions 1.3.15 and 2.0.3.

#3478 Fixed Magnets without metadata not restored from state. mhertz

As title, magnets without metadata aren't restored from state upon restart, when using libtorrent 1.2.11 and above, because of change in resume-saving logic of libtorrent i.e. resume-data saved for magnets even without metadata now, which breaks restoring them upon restart in deluge.

I personally fixed it by this:

diff -urN a/deluge/core/ b/deluge/core/
--- a/deluge/core/	2021-04-21 12:44:14.000000000 +0200
+++ b/deluge/core/	2021-07-20 19:38:41.819231547 +0200
@@ -1029,6 +1029,7 @@
                 for tid, t in self.torrents.items()
                 if t.handle.need_save_resume_data()
+                if t.has_metadata
         def on_torrent_resume_save(dummy_result, torrent_id):

Easy quick way to reproduce, is to add a magnet with non-existing info-hash and restart deluge, and as said, need to use libtorrent 1.2.11 or above. (e.g. "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:85bbba4035cca750f681284857f53e405eb41f8d" )

Tested on deluge-2.0.4.dev56 and libtorrent-1.2.14 on arch-linux.

Thanks in advance.

#3479 Fixed icon now shown Xuefer
14:49:54 [WARNING ][deluge.httpdownloader      :315 ] Error occurred downloading file from "": 301 Moved Permanently to get redirected to and there is no icon links in home page, default icon name should be tried. i'm not sure if it try default icon or not but the icon is not shown in web ui

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