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#648 Invalid absolute path in webui andar

because of absolute paths in web ui deluge can not work through http server proxy

for example apache mod_proxy:

ProxyPass /deluge/ ProxyPassReverse /deluge/

No contents from /static received, redirect to /index also does not work because of absolute path.

#649 Duplicate Left column in preferences dialog is not localizated andar anonymous

Strings in left column in the preferences dialog, are not localizated See:

Ex: Network is not localizated, wherever Rete is Network should be Rete but there is no Network string to localize (excluding <b><i><big>Network</big></i></b> which is the caption already translated as <b><i><big>Rete</big></i></b>)

#650 High CPU use when downloading at high speed. andar anonymous

When downloading or uploading faster than about 50Mbits/s with 1000 active connections deluge uses 100% of the CPU and appears to be CPU bound.

This was expected due to the encryption on many of the connections.

When changing the encryption settings to "Disabled", I expected to have significantly lower CPU use. This was not the case - deluge still uses 100% of the CPU, and the throughput isn't any higher.

As a side effect of this the UI is also unresponsive when downloading at high speed making it hard to even stop the download until it finishes. (and even then sometimes seeding slows down the UI).

I'm guessing this hasn't been fixed as the devs don't have access to a large fast network to test on, so my main question is what can I, as someone who can look through code but not confident to delve too deep, most helpfully do to help fix this?

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