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#303 Fixed port spinners sensitive when random ports are activated andar anonymous

when you open the preferences dialog and click on the 'network' settings, the spinners are active even if random ports are enabled. once you toggle something, then the proper sensitive setting is set, but not when it's first opened.

#304 WorksForMe Huge Memory Leak when opening preferences markybob

MY computer:

Core 2 Duo E6400 2 Gb Ram Ubuntu 64 bits Hardy Heron (8.04)

How to reproduce:

Open Deluge, click on preferences, watch for CPU usage and Memory usage. CPU usage 100% on one core, memory starts to climb dramatically (about 200 mb). If we close the dialog and then re open it, we have the same effect. I done it 6 times and reached 1.3Gb memory usage.

#305 WontFix Window does not restore to maximized state, if you restore it from minimized state markybob

On Windows when you have the main window open and maximized (stretched to the whole screen) and you press the minimize button, and then you try to restore the window by pressing its button on the taskbar, it restores but it is not maximized, only similar in size.

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