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#306 WontFix The context menu of the taskbar icon does not show the options markybob

On windows the context menu of the taskbar icon does not show the options. You have to scroll down, to see the options. But the menu is so small, that all the options should be visible from the beggining, without the need to scroll for them.

#307 Fixed Some UI update patches andar sadrul

I am going to attach a couple of patches in here for some minor UI updates:

  • gtkui_preference_toggle_updates.patch:

Makes the filechooser buttons [in]sensitive depending on the state of the corresponding checkbuttons in the preference dialog. Does the same check for the 'Stop seeding' setting too.

  • gtkui_disable_options_tab.patch:

When no torrent is selected in the torrentview, the tabs at the bottom (Statistics, Details etc.) are cleared, except 'Options'. This patch makes the child widgets within the tab insensitive. I also considered hiding the child widget, but making them insensitive looked better :)

  • gtkui_update_main_window_torrents_menu.patch:

This updates the 'Torrent' menu in the main window as the selection in the torrent-view is changed. With the current patch, the menu is enabled only if at least one torrent is selected, otherwise it's disabled. The Pause/Resume/Remove menuitems should probably be disabled/enabled using the same logic as those used in But this patch doesn't include that part, since I thought perhaps it'd be good to not have to duplicate the same logic in two places.

#308 WorksForMe opening a .torrent file from a browser opens a new gtkui andar danii


opening a .torrent file from a browser, in this case firefox 3, opens a new gtkui, I think deluge should check if there's a ui running and only if it doesn't exist open the torrent in the new ui, don't know if it is possible to open torrents directly for the console and web ui, if they are the ones being used but it would be a nice feature also I think only one ui of each type should be allowed to run per user, I don't see anyone wanting to use more than one ui at the same time

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