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#655 Fixed Folders behaving oddly when adding multiple torrents andar

Error and how to reproduce it:

  1. Add torrent
  2. Select folder (I used external drive)
  3. Add a second torrent
  4. The first torrent now gets the root of the external drive.
  5. The second added gets the folder I selected for the first torrent.
  • Do not add or close the add window in between.
#656 Fixed SVN version does not add torrents to the list andar

I installed SVN version for the first time today. It identifies itself as 1.2.0-dev I tried to add several torrents. The "Add Torrents" window appear, but after accepting, nothing is shown in the torrent list.

I tried to put torrents to auto-load dir but it only caused Deluge to freeze upon loading.

#657 Fixed Torrent numbering andar anonymous


I find it very difficult to keep track of torrents when you have a lot of them in your list. It's hard to find our the latest torrents that I have downloaded. I think the first column in the GUI is supposed to allow one to order the torrents by torrent#, but no numbers are shown.

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