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#2866 Fixed Non-functional "Resume All" taskbar menu item after v1.3.13 update authorized_user

Hello and thank you for all the hard work and effort invested into creating and maintaining Deluge, it's appreciated.

After updating Deluge from v1.3.12 to v1.3.13, the "Resume All" taskbar icon menu item is non-functional; this menu item is very useful, especially when the "Add all torrents in paused state" option is active. Curiously, "Resume All" does work on torrents after they've been directly started -- but -- any torrent not directly started will not be included in the "Resume All" selection.

The "Pause All" taskbar icon menu option seems to work, but that may only be because I choose to "add all torrents in a paused state", so naturally, I would only pause a torrent again after it had already been directly started. So "Pause All" may seem to work only after it falls within the workaround described above to get the "Resume All" function to work.

Please advise, thank you.

$ grep deluge /var/log/dnf.log
Jul 28 21:48:42 DEBUG ---> Package deluge.noarch 1.3.12-3.fc23 will be upgraded
Jul 28 21:48:42 DEBUG ---> Package deluge.noarch 1.3.13-1.fc23 will be an upgrade
#2865 WorksForMe WebUI CPU usage goes to 100% on one core of the processor after a few days with Deluge 1.3.13 - Arch Linux wingnut

I have noticed this happening several times. A restart of the web service will help for a few days, but then the same behavior occurs. This started to happen about a week ago which seems to relate to the Deluge package update on Arch Linux.

I don't know what logs you need here. I switched back to 1.3.12 for now. I'm happy to help debug this further.

#2864 Duplicate Small UI bug LordMilutin


When I close Deluge 1.3.13 to tray, upon double-clicking on it the window is always minimized, even though I closed in in maximized mode. Can you please fix this? Thanks in advance!

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