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#465 Invalid Can't save files when the destination folder has a space in its name andar skorzen

The short summary says it all. I was trying to download a file and save it into a folder called "Criminal Minds", but nothing seemed to happen - the torrent doesn't even go to torrents list. I tried with different torrents from different trackers, and nothing. Then I tried to save the file to ~/Videos and it worked. So, it seems like there's may be a bug. I hope you take a look.

I'm currently using Deluge 1.0.0 RC8 at Ubuntu 8.04.1.

#2456 Duplicate Torrents failing hash check should not re-download automatically skomorokh

Wound up using a lot of bandwidth when a mountpoint didn't come online soon enough and all the torrents on that drive reset to 0%.

I can't think of any situation where I'd want to re-download something I was previously seeding without manual confirmation:

  • if my storage is unavailable for some reason I want a chance to rectify
  • if a file was corrupted by something the hash check gives me valuable info about my failing drive and I will totally not notice if it just silently re-fetches the missing chunks
  • if I delete something I still had open in Deluge, well, I deleted it, I probably don't want it back

No idea about the architecture here but it would probably be as simple as a flag that gets set once a torrent begins seeding?

#1481 Fixed Unable to add a torrent trough web UI damoxc skolima

I am unable to add a torrent to deluge through the Web UI, I have to use the command line or the GTK client. I have apache proxying setup so that Deluge works in /deluge/ path on the same port that Apache uses. When I try to add a torrent from Firefox (3.6 or 4), upload file does not work, only getting the file from url. In IE both modes work, but both browsers fail when I try to start the actual transfer.

IE failure message:

Message: 'this.torrents[...].filename' is null or not an object Line: 448 Char: 849 Code: 0 URI:

Firefox failure message:

Error: this.torrents[a] is undefined Source file: Line: 448

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