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#812 Fixed Saving outside /home folder doesnt work in WebUI andar skiffx

Im running 1.3 freshly released, and never run previous versions. Just wanted to point out when you in a regular white themed webui trying to download a torrent, specifying download location any other folder outside /home/user, lets say /media/storagedrive, results in 'folder does not exist error', despite the fact that all permissions are set recursively as drwxrwxrwx.

This has to be tried in webui not running ajax, since ajax doesnt have an option to specify download location.

#2844 WontFix HTTP2.0 sirex007

Deluge don't suppport trackers that publish torrent with http 2.0 protocol

There is an error when annonce url is in https (https://url) with http2 protocle

Will it be possible that deluge evolve to support this protocol ?

#1535 Fixed Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar appears when only vertical should SIO


Because of the width of the last column in any table is not fixed but varies from minimum (set by user) to maximum (set by the width of the window) following happens:

When a row is being added to table (torrent list, file list, peer list) so that this table has to be scrolled up-down, the width of the last column in the table stays the same, though the width of the widget decreases by the width of the scrollbar. And horizontal scrollbar appears

But if the last column was wider than it is needed to show all its content that horizontal scrollbar is unnecessary.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Tune the torrent list so that it wouldn't have any scrollbars
  2. Increase window width by 40-50px (see attached "Screenshot 1.png")
  3. Increase the height of the torrent properties section so that torrent list had to get vertical scrollbar (see attached "Screenshot 2.png")

Expected behavior

Only vertical scrollbar appears

Actual behavior

Both horizontal and vertical scrollbars appear. And to illustrate it is just because of the added width of vertical scrollbar you can decrease the height of torrents properties section, and both scrollbars will disappear

This bug applies not only to torrent list as in the example above, but also to file list and peer list in torrent properties tabs.

System information

Deluge Core version: 1.3.1
libtorrent version:
Debian Sid, 2.6.37 kernel

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