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#2447 Invalid Ubuntu, loses data, starts downloading 100% files upon system reboot. seanMH-6

Deluge-1.3.6 libtorrent- ubuntu-14.04 steps to reproduce bug: reboot of system. quitting and restarting deluge works as intended. installation type: believe installer, downloaded from Ubuntu software center. hardware: writes to 4TB data drive, partitioned to around 2TB each, format NTFS

After a reboot, I will start deluge to find it begins downloading all the data I already have. Most of the time, just a select all and force recheck does the trick. There are no error messages, and it remembers the directory each time. I have 93 torrents running, some torrents as large as 200 GB

I would like to note a couple things, -I am no linux guru, and I understand this error very well may be my own, I just cannot find an answer online. -New computer build and builder, so I wouldn't rule out anything hardware. Ubuntu seems to be running as intended but I can't get windows to install on my system.

Please let me know any information I can provide to help solve this. Thanks - Sean

p.s. I didn't know what I should classify this priority as, for me It is a major problem, but I think for the general public minor is the correct classification. -

#286 Fixed Ubuntu Icon on 5.9.2 markybob Elvenfoot

On the 5.9.2 version, when installed the deluge icon on start menu is missing.

On the main deluge site, the ubuntu hardy version is still 5.9.1.

#3208 Fixed Ubuntu Deluge Python 3 fails to start firefox

Latest dev update 7285 pulls into ubuntu many gtk 3 libs, then it's impossible to load it.

error from terminal is: double free or corruption (out) Annullato (core dump creato)

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