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#632 Fixed Doesn't load torrents with some special characters in path name andar anonymous

Deluge fails to add torrents with some special characters in path name. For example characters: ä and ö.

Nothing happens when I try to load those torrents, no error message. Log file says:

[DEBUG ] 19:18:38 addtorrentdialog:184 Attempting to open C:\Documents and Settings\User\Työpöytä\blaa.torrent for add.

[WARNING ] 19:18:38 addtorrentdialog:193 Unable to open C:\Documents and Settings\User\Työpöytä\blaa.torrent: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:
Documents and Settings

I'm using Deluge 1.0.6 and win xp SP3.

#633 Fixed Deluge freezes and all torrents disappear andar BoyHowdy

Deluge sort of freezes and all the torrents disappear. The program remains active as clicking on the tray icon brings up the GUI but with no torrents. The program also refuses to close via normal methods when goofed.

When restarted the torrents are back but Deluge rechecks all active torrents and anything downloaded since the last normal closing is lost.

This only seems to happen when a downloading torrent attains a high download speed

#634 Fixed Merge the FAQs... markybob

Currently, there are two FAQs ( and Each of these has largely the same information as the other but in different formats -- however, there are still significant differences in the quality and type of information on the two FAQs. These two FAQs should be merged into one and the wiki FAQ link (besides being made all caps) should be pointed at the faq.php page, dropped, or (perhaps the better option) the header FAQ link should be redirected to the wiki FAQ. It would make maintaining the FAQ a lot easier and less of a hassle for the users. I'd be glad to do this, but I can't locate anywhere to log into the wiki and change the FAQ contents.

BTW, I classed this under webui in the Component dropdown because I didn't see a particular 'website' component to choose from.

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