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#2051 Duplicate Can't hide/show columns if they has not latin letters. gymka2

in last version(maybe this bug was and in previuos versions) i can't hide/show columns if they has not latin letters. eg. by default there is columns: name, size, progress, etc. i'm using Lithuanian version and if in Lithuanian string there is letters ą,č,ę,ė,į,š,ų,ū or ž i can't hide that column, eg. "Žymė"(label) if i right click column row and select line "Žymė" nothing happens, if i do same in english version that column will be hidden. iliustration:

#1463 Can't limit speeds shnurapet

The limits seem to be ignored. For example, I set the upload limit to 0, restarted the daemon and gui and it keeps seeding.

I also can't set individual limits through the right-click menu, I set limits but the values are not saved.

1.3.900-dev, but is has been the same behavior in 1.3.0 from repository.

#2388 Duplicate Can't open a torrent file with an unicode filename directly from browser odraencoded

Hello, I'm on Windows and I tried to download and open from the browser a torrent with an unicode filename(it contained a ☆ character), I got the following error message:

[Errno2] No such file or directory: u'filename with ☆ goes here.torrent'

This happens with both Firefox and Chrome, but I am able to add the torrent from deluge itself using the add torrent dialog with the file browser.

I think this might be related to how Deluge handles interoperability through arguments? Perhaps it parsed u'<filename>' instead of <filename> as the filename string?

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