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#257 Fixed .torrent files in 2 directories? markybob simonbcn

I have installed the Deluge in a server.
I have set as default folder of download: ~/download/. And the folder to store the .torrent files: ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles
I will explain it with an example so that be understood better:
I add a torrent, "The Shining", in the webUI, from local PC.
In the server, Deluge creates two .torrent files:
1) ~/downloads/deluge_0.303677910194_The Shining.torrent
2) ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles/deluge_0.303677910194_The Shining.torrent

Why those two .torrent files are created in two different folders? They are necessary?

#274 Fixed Move Torrent plugin works intermittently andar simonbcn

I've enabled the move torrent plugin to move completed torrents between folders in the same partition.
It works in most cases but sometimes not, with no clear pattern.
There are other users with the same problem:

#915 Fixed Add one torrent to gtk UI but it's not shown in the list andar simonbcn

Deluge daemon in a server, I connect with it from gtk UI in PC local.
When I add one torrent to daemon, from gtk UI in local, the torrent is added, the number of torrents in tracker list is incremented but the torrent is not shown in the torrent list.
If I close the gtk UI and I open again, then yes, it listed.

I attached an image with the torrent added but not shown.

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