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#916 Fixed plugin "label" fails with url tracker andar simonbcn

The plugin "label" doesn't works well.
I have severals labels with trackers url associated, when I add a torrent from that trackers, the torrent is added without label.
The sames labels, in version 1.1.7, worked well.

#917 gtkui can't connect to localhost andar simonbcn

deluged working in server.
I can connect from remote with gtkui, but when I try to connect to daemon in server with gtkui, I can't. ???
No error, in log simply it shows this:

[INFO    ] 04:08:54 rpcserver:170 Deluge Client connection made from:
[INFO    ] 04:08:54 rpcserver:189 Deluge client disconnected: Connection was closed cleanly.

Apparently it connects and disconnects immediately, but in the gtkui I do not see anything.

#918 Fixed deluge doesn't save preferences andar simonbcn

deluge gtkui svn version, installed from sources in ubuntu 8.04, doesn't save the preferences when I press Accept in dialog preferences.

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