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#638 Fixed "Stored in..." Column andar

A column to display the current location of the storage for the torrent. This should probably wait until after the ticket about customizing the columns is handled.

#639 Fixed Torrent checking gets "stuck" andar

When telling deluge to for a re-check of a torrent, the torrent displayed "checking", with no % on the main torrent list, and 100% on its percentage on the statistics tab, for over 3 hours, and no other actions on that torrent would stop it aside from removing the torrent. Additionally, several other torrents were queued for a re-check, and would not bein checking until the first one was removed.

#640 Fixed A LOT of strings in deluge 1.x is not translateable andar

I use ru_RU locale and experience partially localized interface in Deluge 1.0.6 with some untranslated messages here and there (which is not what I personally like). I've decided to check stats on launchpad (here: ), and saw that everything available is already translated. So I downloaded source code and simply checked for some annoying messages:

grep -rn 'KiB' * | grep .py | grep -v '_(' # this searches every .py file for 'KiB' not preceded by gettext macro

There were 9 such messages. Currently, speed values, data amount values, torrent states, tab names in preferences dialog and few other messages in many places are not translateable at all, as far as I understand the source code.

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