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#2849 Fixed WebUI fails to run without translation MO file bro Cas

A user in IRC reported this issue, don't have the error message to hand but the new language selection code needs to handle the use-case when no translation files .mo are available.

#2848 Invalid Incorrect share ratio in torrent status ph33onix

In /deluge/core/, the get_ratio method always uses the total_done variable even though it has an all_time_download variable available.

Wouldn't it be best to use whichever is greater between total_done and all_time_download to get the lowest (and safest) ratio?


  • If the download is new then total_done and all_time_download will be about the same.
  • If the download is new but some files have already been downloaded then total_done will be used as it will be bigger than all_time_download.
  • If the download is old and we deselect some files(set to not download) and also delete them then all_time_download will be used as it will be (much) bigger than total_done. This is the main improvement.

The only problem case is if someone manually adds files to an old torrent. If the added files bump total_done over all_time_download which means behaviour is the same as before. If the added files don't bump total_done over all_time_download then all_time_download is used which is a bigger number and results in a lower ratio which is closer to the truth. So while this change doesn't fix this case it still improves it.

Is there anything I'm missing ?

#2847 Fixed Add a 'move to' option to add command indus

When deluge is set to move torrents on complete it moves files from the path set by deluge console.

Deluge downloads the file to the location set by deluge-console, and then moves the file to completed directory specified in the settings.

Deluge should either download straight to the set directory, or first download to the default then move the files to the directory set by deluge console.

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