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#3610 Fixed 'Change Ownership' option gone from GTK-UI. mhertz

I narrowed issue down to commit #bcaaeac, specifically last change of, breaking this i.e.:

-            item = Gtk.RadioMenuItem(group=maingroup, label=username)
+            item = Gtk.RadioMenuItem.new_with_label(maingroup, username)

So reverting that, makes the menu/context-menu entries return for said option, which otherwise got hidden from called error-callback function. Strange as looks in line with documentation, but obviously no expert myself.

Issue reported on forum by darcmandeluge here:

Thanks in advance!

#6 Invalid test ticket andar

testing email notification

#7 WorksForMe Link to home page in About window doesn't work

The button in the About window that suppose to open Deluge's home page in web browser doesn't work (nothing happens when clicking on the button).

The button works just fine in

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