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#643 Fixed "move completed to" moves already completed torrents andar jarrod.willard@…

I added a torrent of a file I already had the data for just to seed. I noticed later that Deluge had moved the data from that torrent to the location specified in Preferences>Downloads>Move Completed To.

I would think the desired behavior would be for "Move Completed To" to ignore torrents that are already 100% complete after being added and the data is checked.

I am using Deluge on Ubuntu 8.10 with all updates.

#645 Fixed Applying Options to multiple selected torrents doesn't work andar stefanffm

When you select multiple torrents and then change some settings (for e.g. max. upload-speed and max. seed ratio) the settings are only applied to the first selected torrent.

#646 Fixed Seeding - bad share ratio andar slush@…


I found that share ratio is always infinite, when I'm only seeding torrent. I expect, that share ratio is not counted only from "Upload/Download?" size (bec. Download = 0), but "Upload/Size?" in case of seeding. This is behaviour of 0.x line of Deluge and I like it.

Currently, there is no indicator of seed ratio. I have to check "Uploaded" manually on torrent tab.

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