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#398 WorksForMe Windows version crash issue. admin

I may have found out the reason for the crashes in the windows version.At least I think I know.I am not an expert in programming and frankly I hated the subject back when I was studying electronics.But I have noticed that Deluge crashes whenever the download speeds are very high.My connection is 1Mbps so my max download speed would be around 150KBps.I have noticed that it particularly crashes when downloads speeds are 60Kbps and above.I am not sure what to fill in in the ticket properties below but I hope this helps.

#209 Duplicate [Windows only] Deluge installer can't copy certain files markybob

If Deluge crashes (which, in Windows, it does rather frequently) it leaves zombie instances of dbs-daemon-deluge.exe running (frequently along with some calls to libexpat.dll via rundll32.exe). These processes persist even if Deluge is restarted and closed correctly.

If the Windows installer is then run (as an upgrade, etc.), it throws the following errors:

Error opening file for writing:




...because the zombie processes are still running (files are in use).

Is it possible to have the installer kill these processes before replacing files?

Workaround: kill dbus-daemon-deluge.exe and rundll32.exe by hand.

#788 WorksForMe Window size and position not remembered markybob

AFAIK this bug exists since the first version of deluge. Simply put, deluge doesn't remember the last window size and position. But strangely sometimes it does. Also when window position and size is reset, the label positions are screwed too.

Here is the related forum post by me:

Here is a screenshot of deluge started after an exit in maximized window mode and properly setup labels:

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