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#1158 Invalid Error unknown in torrent simonbcn

I have added one torrent, it starts correct but, after some time, it is in red but there is not error:

In logs does not show any errror.

#1162 Fixed Error to add torrent to closed GktUI connect to remote deluge simonbcn

deluged executing in server.
deluge GtkUI in local connected to remote deluged.

When I add one torrent from Firefox to GtkUI, it shows me this window:

It corresponds to setting, in gtkui.conf:

"autoadd_queued": false

But If I check "Add torrents automatically to connect", close the GtkUI and I click in torrent file in Firefox to add in Deluge, it opens GtkUI and it shows this error "Duplicated torrent":

However, the torrent file is added anyway.

#1163 Invalid config:405 Unable to open config file simonbcn

deluged in server with init script.

When it starts the init script, in log file appears this warning several times:

[WARNING ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/label.conf

But that config file exist.

And, sometimes, when I stop the deluged (with init script), it shows, in log file:

[WARNING ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/core.conf

But that config file exist too.

All these are only warnings, incorrect, but only warnings. Deluged starts. But the real problem is that today, I rebooted the machine but deluged didn't start, I saw the log file:

[ERROR ] config:405 Unable to open config file: /xxx/.config/deluge/core.conf

I didn't change anything and I executed:

sudo /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon start

And deluged started well this time!

Well, I think it's necessary to review the code, don't you think?

(Sorry for my bad english. I'm spanish)

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