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#652 Fixed Expanded UI help information... andar

One of the things that has always bugged me about the help output for deluge was the fact that the UI options were never spelled out. It looks like r4179 adds the UI options, but at a bare minimum. You will find attached a diff containing a fuller breakdown of the UI options. I tried to include a brief description of each option, however, I couldn't play with the 'null' option.

You will also notice that the end of the lines for each of the UI help options is padded with spaces. Due to the fact that my python coding skills are so beginner, this was the only way that I was able to get the format correct. If you have a better solution, I would be glad to hear it and implement it.

The diff has been made against the latest code from svn.

#654 Fixed canceled recheck (close deluge) does not complete on the next startup andar deluge(at)

If you have a recheck running, and you close deluge, it stops the recheck. Thats fine.

But, when you start deluge again, it assumes that the recheck was completed, and starts downloading the file at the point where the recheck left off. Thus, if you have 3/4 of the file downloaded, and the recheck only completes 1/3 of the file, then next time you start deluge, it will think you only have 1/4 of the file (1/3 of 1/4)

I think that is what is happening, though, my math may be off. Regardless, deluge should finish rechecks when it is next started, instead of just leaving them unfinished.

#655 Fixed Folders behaving oddly when adding multiple torrents andar

Error and how to reproduce it:

  1. Add torrent
  2. Select folder (I used external drive)
  3. Add a second torrent
  4. The first torrent now gets the root of the external drive.
  5. The second added gets the folder I selected for the first torrent.
  • Do not add or close the add window in between.
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