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#1325 Duplicate webui username damoxc mathroc

when using the webui it's impossible to specify a custom user-name for logging I know deluge is not really multi-users but i think it's preferable that each user have it's own user-name/password even if the rest of the application doesn't separate user content

#1340 Duplicate "move storage" issue Space-monkey

Greetings, well, the problem is that when you moving something with the "move storage" option, upload speed becomes 0. Btw, I think it may be useful to add "movement bar(?)" - where you can check how much you have to wait to move the file and it's destination. Thanks.

#1346 Duplicate Add second sorting order option for torrents in list (by name) dnf

If the torrents are sorted by progress, all with 100% are not sorted by name, and the list is not clearly organized. As Deluge has no search function locating one torrent in long disorganized lists is very complicated.

So, I suggest to add second sorting option to the menu. It can be configurable to any category, or just selection of "Sort by name" or "Sort by queue"

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