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#656 Fixed SVN version does not add torrents to the list andar

I installed SVN version for the first time today. It identifies itself as 1.2.0-dev I tried to add several torrents. The "Add Torrents" window appear, but after accepting, nothing is shown in the torrent list.

I tried to put torrents to auto-load dir but it only caused Deluge to freeze upon loading.

#657 Fixed Torrent numbering andar anonymous


I find it very difficult to keep track of torrents when you have a lot of them in your list. It's hard to find our the latest torrents that I have downloaded. I think the first column in the GUI is supposed to allow one to order the torrents by torrent#, but no numbers are shown.

#661 Fixed Tracker name doesn't show trackers properely (1.2.0_dev) andar AlexC

In the tracker column, status tab and sidebar on 1.2.0_dev it shortens the tracker so that it shows it as tracker.example. When torrents use trackers ending in etc it only shows it as as tracker name. This isn't major but could be annoying when dealing with multiple trackers etc.

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