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#16 Invalid yet another test ticket anonymous


#17 Invalid Bug: with Deluge on XP pro

Delude was up and running with 2 torrents seeding (from Ilovetorrents) and uploading intermitently, these have been running for over 24hrs. When trying to load another torrent the client crashed,the only thing you could do with it was minimise/restore. The only way I could then close Deluge was to "end process" via the Task Manager! Upon reloading the new torrent the client restarted ok,accepted the torrent and resumed the original 2 torrents. This has happened several times.

XP pro Sp2, 512 ram,celeron 2.6gz overclocked to 3.2gz,128gb Nvidia Geforce FX5900XT. Hope this is enough info.

#18 WorksForMe Deluge webui-client quits, server doing the lemming thing... lajuette_[at]_gmail_dot_com

When i start deluged as daemon (~> deluged ) and deluge with webui in the background (~> deluge --ui=web 1>/dev/null 2>&1 & ) it seems to run a few hours before it just stops working. A quick look in my ps -ef shows no sign of deluge or deluged.

I will try to log all (client and server) output and append it asap.

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