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#1354 Duplicate Command ui-interface for deluge-web damoxc baltazor

Add new command for deluge-web: --ui-interface (analog in deluged) Example: when I add IP address in --ui-interface , I can connect for deluge-web only this IP

#1367 Duplicate Renaming Files in WebUI damoxc John.Doe

As politely asked here, please add support to rename the content of a torrent via WebUI. I guess it should be similar to the way you can do it in the gtk client, just click it. :o)

Renaming should be possible for both the folder and the files within the torrent.

Thank you very much

John Doe

#1368 Duplicate Move to trash or optional confirmation dialog when removing data SpinUp

It would be great if Duluge could use the trash if it's available when 'remove with data' is used. This could be specified as an option in the preferences (ie. 'Use trash when removing data'). There is a trash-cli tool that supports the specification, and may be helpful in implementing this:

Alternately, maybe the 'remove torrent' item in the contextual menu could be split into two items: a regular 'remove torrent' item that requires no confirmation, and a 'remove with data' item that prompts the user to confirm before deleting data.

This is to prevent boneheads like me from deleting many gigs of data with a single errant click when they only meant to remove the torrent.

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