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#665 Fixed Deluge 1.x ignores per-torrent settings from tab andar

This problem exists both in Deluge 1.0.7 (haven't checked earlier versions) and newest (4444) SVN version:

The only way to change Max Download/Upload? Speed, Connections and Slots per torrent is to set them via right-click-menu. If I set these via the "Options" tab, previous values are restored after I click on another torrent in the list and then click back. Other settings as "Auto-Manage", "Stop seed at ratio", etc. are also affected.

#667 Fixed Newly started torrents not visible in UI when Downloading label is selected andar anonymous

If I am watching downloads using the Downloading label selected, completed torrents correctly disappear. However, newly started torrents do not appear. To make them visible, I need to switch to the Queued label and back to the Downloading label - this causes the newly started torrent to be visible.

If I switch to an unrelated label (such as Seeding) and back, the list of downloading torrents is not updated.

#669 Fixed Clean up Trac andar anonymous

There are just too many open Milestones which, in combination with the new coloring scheme, makes it overly complicated to follow.

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