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#339 WontFix system tray behaves strange under windows xp markybob anonymous

When using the system tray under windows xp (maybe vista is affected,too) that "popup" behaves strange. For example if you click on the top of the deluge icon, you only get an empty white field with an arrow at the top and the bottom. Additionally, you have to scroll each time to see everything.

Couldn't it be like most other apps, to display the full menu, and no scrolling? Also the "Show Deluge" function should not be realised with a checkbox.

#340 WorksForMe Progress is 100% in one place, 99% in other concurrently markybob anonymous

I have a download which is stuck at 99% it says in the main view. But when I check the Files tab it says 100% there, for the only file the torrent consists of. In any case, these places should use the same calculation of course. But I also think they should use a floor() function, so that 100% would only show when the file is utterly complete, not for example when it's actually 99.98% complete. Cheers!

#341 Invalid Test active port always tests random port markybob anonymous

When you go to the "Preferences" dialog and to the "Network" tab, even if you uncheck "Use random ports" the program will check for a random port whenever you click "Test active port".

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