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#815 Fixed Checking Queue still stuck. andar anonymous

The checking queue still seems to stick, requiring a restart of the client and daemon before it will continue on, before finally refusing to hash check the last torrent you have.

Not sure if it's because I'm trying to hash check 130 torrents are once at what, but it still happens.

Mind you, it could be Ubuntu's fault. Running Deluge 1.1.3 from the Ubuntu repositories.

#816 Invalid Overall poorness of the WebUI mvoncken anonymous

The entire Web UI system is rather slow, laggy and ugly. Fixes to the design such at making the columns resize to the window, allowing an easier way to select multiple torrents and stop them, etc, would make it a much better experience to use over all.

Fixing the completely and utterly broken AJAX version would also be great.

#818 Invalid recheck torrent while in progress causes daemon crash andar anonymous

So I hit re-check a torrent because I'd removed some files while it was pauses that I no longer wanted and wished to start seeding it again only minus the missing files with them set to do not download. I thought it was still pauses, hit re-check again, and the daemon crashed.

This a repeatable problem. If you hit re-check a torrent while the torrent in question is being checked, the daemon crashes.

deluge version 1.1.3 on ubuntu hardy 64bit

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