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#2225 Fixed Change common.decode_string to actually decode (return unicode) bro

This patch changes the decode_string so that it tries to decode the input string with different encodings, and returns the decoded output as unicode.

Previous calls to decode_string are replaced with common.utf8_encoded

#708 Fixed Change consoleUI's promt color from light grey to something more visible on light terminals andar anonymous

When I start consoleUI in gnome-terminal with white background it's hard to see light grey ">>>" and it looks like it's just froze and nothing happens.

As a variant of solution: chage ">>>"'s color to something more visible on white and black bacground at the same time, something not gray scaled.

#46 WontFix change default PREFIX to /usr/local markybob anonymous

Since most projects do it this way and to not interfere with software managed by the system under /usr, I would suggest to change the default install PREFIX to /usr/local.

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