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#760 Fixed Changed filenames don't save andar

Whenever I change a filename in a torrent and restart Deluge, the changed file reverts to it's original name and starts re-downloading.

#2055 Fixed Change encryption UI labels and clickability funnel

In a thread about the encryption preferences:

Cas wrote:The 'Encrypt Entire Stream'... relates to choosing 'Either' level of encryption.... The label should probably be changed to reflect this, such as 'Prefer Full Stream Encryption', so this option should be greyed out unless the dropdown option 'Either' is selected. The alternative is to simply set 'prefer_rc4' internally in Deluge to default True as I imagine most users would be happy with that or would not care.

If both Inbound and Outbound encryption are set to disabled, then this would be the only point that 'Level' and 'encrypt entire stream' should be greyed out, so this could be changed for clarity but is a trivial issue.

I vote for setting 'prefer_rc4' internally to True. If 'Either' is selected, it doesn't make sense to me for 'Handshake' (the less secure option) to ever be preferred over 'Full Stream'. Offering the option to do so seems pointless because 'Encrypt Entire Stream' already contains a fallback mechanism to 'Handshake' , and it is potentially confusing when seen alongside the 'Full Stream' dropdown option.

I also agree with the second point to grey-out the Level dropdown when both Inbound and Outbound are 'Disabled'. This makes the relationships of the options easier to visualize for the user.

#164 WontFix Change ETA calculation - when seeding & set to stop at ratio, display time to done seeding markybob TomTerrific

I usually seed until I hit a specific ratio for a torrent, such as 1.0.

I often manually use a calculator to estimate how much longer a torrent will seed.

I would like the ETA to show the estimated length of time left to complete seeding instead of the current method of showing ETA infinity.

So my suggested pseudo code would be:

If torrent-state = downloading then{

do what's done now

} else if torrent-state = seeding then {

ETA = infinity if global ratio set or per torrent ratio set then {

ETA = ((torrent-size * ratio) - amount uploaded) / upload speed;




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