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#1101 Duplicate Autocheck on startup XChesser

On startup Deluge always checks availability of files that refer torrents in list and, if it doesn't find them, it resets torrent status to 0%. It happens even if torrent is paused. While most of my downloads are located in the ext. HDD I have to connect hard drive every time I start Deluge. If I forget doing it Deluge mark them as new (0% done) and I have to recheck all "external" torrents at the next time. It would be grateful to cancel autocheck of paused torrents or to add new option for deactivating autocheck to GUI.

#1102 Duplicate Folders Progress Status tiagoboldt

Whenever there's a folder on the files list tab, there is no way to see it's priority and progress.

I propose that the folder's progress should be the arithmetic mean of all the files inside it, so that there can be a progress bar on folders also, giving the user an idea on it's progress without having to open it and analyse each file.

Also, I propose that a folder's priority is the priority of it's files if they are all the same and some other text string if there are multiple priorities inside it.

#1103 Fixed Global "Stop seed at ratio" setting overrides per-torrent disabling of "Stop seed" setting man_in_shack

In the per-torrent Options tag, there is a checkbox next to "Stop seed at ratio". It appears that this is autopopulated with the global values for this setting, but when un-checking the checkbox, the torrent is still stopped if the seed ratio is higher than the global setting.

Workaround: Set the per-torrent "Stop seed at ratio" setting to something ridiculously high (e.g. 10000) and hope you never reach it.

Suggested fix: The global "Stop seed at ratio" setting should be used for a default value for when the per-torrent setting has not been modified. If the global setting changes, any torrents that have settings that match the old global setting should have their settings changed to match. Apart from this, there should be no functionality directly associated with the global "Stop seed at ratio" setting.

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